Our Crew

Kennerly de Forest
Ken founded Challenge Works in 1997 and has since managed the company with an unsurpassed drive for quality and customer satisfaction. Growing up and studying in Australia, he achieved his Bachelors and Masters in Outdoor Education while staying involved with camping and adventure on both continents. Ken has maintained his involvement with the camping, outdoor and adventure education industries for well over 15 years. Working at Kennolyn Camps for 7 years before starting Challenge Works, he helped begin the Challenge Course program and developed their leadership-training program.


Paul Hancock
Paul Hancock joined Challenge Works Inc. in 2009 and serves as Director of Inspection Services, Project Manager for Installations and Trainer. Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Paul was born in Australia, travelling to the USA in 1990 to work at a summer camp in California where he first met Kennerly. He is a Level II certified challenge course inspector and holds a degree in International Business. When not in the field Paul is responsible for the on-line retail store.


Ariel Stone
Ariel specializes in challenge course training and has extensive experience in ropes course building, inspecting and facilitator training. Personal growth is a life choice for Ariel, and he is passionate about assisting people in opening the doorways to their own growth. Ariel has worked with diverse populations ranging from international corporations to individuals seeking personal growth. He has trained facilitators for organizations all over United States.