Robertson Full Body Child Harness - RC09


Robertson Full Body Child Harness - RC09


RC Series

For ease of identification, Robertson color codes each harness for specific sizing.

  • Commercial Type XIII 1¾”, 6,000 lb. rated nylon
  • Mil-T-7808B-1 #5 cord nylon and bonded nylon thread
  • Hook in points MS 22045
  • Leg Buckles MS 22040
  • All structural areas sewn using four point patterns
  • All webbing has been hot cut sealed to prevent unraveling
  • All attachment points have a 5,000 lb. test rating.

Designed to give adequate and adjustable support and restraint to the legs, lower back, mid-body, chest and shoulders

  • Utilized two lower hook-in points for rappelling, two upper hook-in points for lofting, or all four should be used for added retention and stability.

This product has been designed, tested, and manufactured in accordance with

ANSI z359.1/NFPA 1983

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