Inspections & Maintenance

The current industry standards require an annual technical inspection of all Challenge Course elements and equipment for reliability. The Challenge Works team are all ACCT certified inspectors and are experts at inspecting a wide variety of course elements, structures, design and equipment. It is vital that the person inspecting your course have a thorough knowledge of the current standards and can interpret those in relation to your course.

Once the inspection is completed, a written report is issued which details the condition of all elements on the course and safety equipment. Included with the report are any recommendations concerning alterations to the course to bring it up to current industry standards, repair work needed and suggestions to streamline the operation of your course.

Employing an ongoing maintenance schedule is a necessary component of Challenge Course operations. This will help to ensure that your course is always performing optimally, any safety issues are dealt with promptly and your course continues to meet current industry standards.

An effective way to organize this maintenance schedule is to incorporate it with the annual inspection. This allows for an accurate evaluation of your course and an immediate solution to any issues that may arise.