Course Design

  • Tree Courses
  • Pole Courses
  • Low Elements
  • Indoor Courses
  • Climbing Walls and Towers
  • Accessible Courses

Challenge Works Inc. is pleased to offer high quality ropes course design and installation services, based on your needs and the possibilities inherent to your site. One of the first and most important decisions to make when considering the addition of a challenge course to your facility is whether to build the ropes course in existing trees if available, or to install utility poles on which to build the course. During our initial site visit, we will consider with you the potential of your site in regards to: what type of challenge course is most appropriate; where and how the course can be laid out for maximum value and minimum impact; what combination of ropes course elements may work well for you; your program needs; budget; and the long-term vision for your challenge course. One thing that sets Challenge Works apart from other challenge course companies is our focus on individual client attention and our commitment to your needs and satisfaction!

Tree Courses
If you are lucky enough to have a healthy stand of appropriate trees on your site, we can use the natural terrain to build your challenge course into the existing trees. A ‘live’ ropes course lends a feeling of magic to the participants and the program. Ropes courses built in trees tend to be less expensive to build since the major structural elements are already in place. We take great care in our construction practices and program recommendations to make sure that the trees remain healthy and scenic. A challenge course built in living trees provides an entirely unique experience to the participants, many of whom may never have even climbed in a tree before.

Pole Courses
The use of utility poles allows for completely custom challenge course design and placement. Ropes courses built on poles tend to require less maintenance than ropes courses built in trees and waylay the concern for the impact your course may have on the health of your trees. Properly treated poles can remain in service for up to 50 years. Utility poles can also be combined or integrated into a stand of trees, thereby preserving the natural setting for the participants and increasing your design options while minimizing impact on the trees.

Low Course Elements
Low ropes course elements are generally designed to present challenges to an entire team or group. A low challenge course can be integrated ropes courses built in trees or poles. They can also be designed to stand alone or as portable elements which can be moved from place to place in order to accommodate different programming needs. The addition of low ropes course elements will add flexibility and scalability to your program.

Indoor Courses
A possible choice for facilities with limited outdoor space or special environmental conditions such as weather. Indoor challenge courses require special design and construction considerations. Element modifications are generally necessary to adapt to the structure of the building.

Climbing Walls and Towers
A fabulous supplement to your challenge course, or an exciting activity area on its own; a climbing wall or climbing tower is an excellent addition to any adventure program. Climbing walls can be built inside of existing buildings or on their own free-standing structure. A climbing tower can be multi-faceted, providing opportunities for a wide range of experience and skills. Various materials, textures, inclines, overhangs and combinations of holds can be used to simulate different rock climbing experiences and modify the challenge.

Accessible Courses
In a continuing effort to serve all populations, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of universally accessible ropes course elements. Building your challenge course with the special needs in mind of wheelchairs and individuals with other physical challenges makes your adventure program available to those who otherwise would not be able to participate and who may benefit a great deal from the challenge course experience. Challenge Works is happy to offer experience in designing and building accessible low and high ropes course elements and to discuss with you the possibilities and considerations involved in including universal challenge course elements into your course.